10 beautiful female Ghanaian Celebrities who are still Single

Talented,Beautiful and of course successful but are yet to marry.

Below are 18 beautiful Ghanaian female celebrities who are still unmarried.

1. Lydia Forson

She is Very outspoken and a no nonsense figure.Intelligent and highly opinionated.She is still not married as  She believes a woman should not necessarily  be married to be “complete”.However , most people ,fans and wide has attributed her singleness to the fact that she is too opinionated and always behave to be intelligent than everyone.Men dont like “madam all knowing”,They always want to be in charge.

Lydia Forson-female Ghanaian Celebrities who are still Single
Lydia Forson

2. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne nelson is a household name in the Ghanaian entertainment industry . She is the most followed female celebrities in Ghana on social media …Check that list here. Why she isnt married can be attributed to the number of relationship scandals she’s had in the past.

She hit 30 last year and she later indicated that she’s feeling the pressure to get married.

yvonne nelson -female Ghanaian Celebrities who are still Single
Yvonne Nelson


3. Nana Aba Anamoah

The controversial manchester united supporter, TV anchor and a “mother of one” who recently got into photoshop and “photo-theft brouhaha” is still single.Quite recently , She  indicated that the nature of her job always poses problems in her relationships and ends up ruining it. She’s still not married and having the time of her life. There’s someone in the picture though,that she keep stressing and hasn’t denied.

female Ghanaian Celebrities who are still Single
Nana Aba Anamoah-Image: Elliot Grandberry/1Grandberry/Instagram.

4. Yvonne Okoro

In fact Yvonne Okoro is my admirer. I admire her personality and how she carries herself and stay away from trouble,unless may be she has done  something and I have not heard it.The beautiful actress is still available. She’s one celebrity  who is not all over the place. So hard to even speculate on whether she’s dating or not. Whichever way it is, she’s still on the market so why not, you guys can try your luck.Make wild –else , I will try.lol

Yvonne Okoro/Instagram
Yvonne Okoro

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