4 Deadly S*xual Positions You Should Know Now

No marriage/ relationship is perfect without seks. In fact you can’t do a way with it.Some s*xual positions are enjoyed by both men and women to the max when its done right.

There are a lot of s*xual positions to enjoy seks. We have the doggy style,cowgirl, missionary style and others with kinky names. But do you know some of these s*xual positions we all enjoy is actually deadly? Guess you didn’t know just as I didn’t.

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Research by expert on s*xual positions have come out with some seks positions that are actually dangerous and can harm you.

Ghpage.com brings you 4 of these s*xual positions. No matter how you enjoy these positions, LEARN and be CAUTIOUS



Most couples enjoy this style which is called Pogo Stick.
This position requires the man to apply all strength to hold the woman in a way as if she is falling back but suspended and waist held firmly by him whiles performing without obstructing the rhythm. So much strength is required in other to avoid the woman from falling backwards and subsequently cracking her head. This style puts pressure on the man’s back which could cause long term results, researchers say.

Its almost like the missionary style which most couple enjoy because of the convenience which allows the man to free movement of his waist. But unfortunately researchers have concluded because of the great deal of strain on the man’s back its,not advisable to have seks in this position. Moreover the ecstatic state the man will be in when ejac*lating doesn’t offer much assurance for the lady since he is likely to let her fall.

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