5 powerful phrases that even means a lot than “I love you”

Most people however mistake love for perfection. No human is perfect–except God.Because of that people are bound to make mistake. Most lovers think that,Love is about always being on the same page with our partner, agreeing on everything, feeling romantic and living in perfect harmony.No, It’s not!

Everyone has a way of showing their affection.And that can be  in different ways. Some will  show it through small acts of affection while others will choose to show it by shouting it to the world. No matter which way you show it, it’s special in it’s own unique way.Everyone of course is unique in its own way.

What at all is love?

5 powerful phrases that even means a lot than "I love you"
When you are in or fall in love; you appreciate your partner for who they are. Image: Single Black Male


Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection.Love is an object of warm affection or devotion.Love is not wanting our partner to become a clone of ourselves. Love is about kindness, generosity and self-sacrifice.Love however ,is definitely a lot more than just three little words – “I love you”.

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Don’t confuse love with lust, because true love is something very special. It might only come around once or twice in a lifetime.Lust is a passing moment, like a food craving that goes away after it’s been satisfied. Love stays with you forever, a craving that never goes away!

Being in love, your priorities change. You appreciate whoever you are with  for whom they are, you accept their flaws and love everything about them.The right words from the person we love can change our mood, boost our energy and make us feel like the most important or amazing person in the world.

If you are in love with someone then read the phrases below and say them to your partner. I guarantee they will mean more than a simple “I love you”.–Enjoy and don’t forget to share to your partner–you guys need to be on the same page most often.Understanding is key!!!

1.”I have forgiven you”

5 powerful phrases that even means a lot you than i love you
To err is human and to forgive is divine …It takes a strong person to forgive…Learn to forgive and grow in love

However, Forgiveness is one of the most important keys for a long lasting relationship. But it is also one of the hardest things to do most of the times. That’s why it is ranked as one of the best forms of love.It takes a strong person to say I’m sorry, but it takes an even stronger person to forgive and accept the apology..Stop  holding  grudges and don’t let small things ruin your beautiful relationship.”To err is human and to forgive is divine”.Learn to forgive and let the relationship grow.

2.” I am so Lucky to have found you”

5 powerful phrases that you even means a lot than love you
Expressing to your partner how grateful and lucky you feel to have him/her in your life or to have found him is stronger than saying ‘I love you’. Image: CitifmOnline

When you are really  in love with someone it can sometimes make you feel like you don’t deserve them. At times ,it might feel like they do so much for you that you don’t know how to repay them.They make you feel special, they say the right things, they are always there for you and they make you feel truly lucky to have them as a partner.

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Letting the know   how grateful and lucky you feel to have them in your life is stronger than saying ‘I love you’.You’re reminding them that you notice everything they do for you by expressing yourself in a much deeper way.

3. “I trust you”

Trust is the key –Without trust you will never have a truly happy relationship. Image: Myportalng

Love matters and relationships  are always tested, even after 60 years. But the number one key for a happy long lasting relationship? Trust.Because trust is key.When you tell someone you trust and love them, you’re showing them you are in control of your own negative emotions like jealousy. A real relationship killer!

4. “I am Sorry”

5 powerful phrases that is even means a lot than" I love you "
Saying sorry for a wrongdoing does not make you a weak person. Image: The Grio

Pride easily kills love,so Swallow your pride and put your ego to one side (especially men), as love knows no ego,absolutely not.Saying sorry after a wrongdoing , does not make you a weak person, in fact it proves you are mature enough to put love first.

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All relationships will have fights, jealousy, arguments, tears and disagreements.It’s how you both grow and learn about each other, but never forget the supposed “perfect  relationships ” you seen out there –fight through them all and a simple ‘I’m sorry’ can end it all.

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Saying “I’m sorry” does not always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

5. “I’m here for you”

True love means being there through thick and thin. Image: www.singleblackmale.org

When you love someone, you accept them for who they are, the good and the bad. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes and go through difficult times.

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When you’re going through hard times, nothing is more reassuring than hearing the words ‘I’m here for you’ from the person you love.These words give them the strength they need to overcome their situation.

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