7 Signs your Boyfriend is not Serious about your relationship

Signs that shows he isn’t serious about you, better you move on

It happens,people fall out of love and become uninterested. But how do you tell when your boyfriend isn’t into you anymore or isn’t taking the relationship seriously?That’s a daunting task and difficult thing to realize espercially if you are deeply in love.There goes the saying –love is blind.


At the normal circumstances ,you could just ask, but he may pretend everything’s okay and you won’t get a real answer.So if you suspect your boyfriend has been experiencing a change of heart in your relationship, here are some signs that may just confirm it.

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1.He Doesn’t Involve You In His Life

You aren’t invited to family events or to hang out with his friends. At least ,you should know one or two people around him.Be it his friends or his family .He keeps his life very personal and quiet, and you’re always guessing whether that’s his nature.That’s not his nature, he tired of your relationship and he’s trying to keep you off little by little.

2.He Talks About Other Girls

If he’s looking at or talking about other girls, he doesn’t have eyes for you and that’s an obvious sign of disinterest.He’s actually finding other ladies more attractive than you were.But you must know that as human beings ,we all have our admirers–but if he tends to be talking about a lady too much ,then that’s not normal.

3.Doesn’t Ask For Details

He doesn’t ask you about your day, and even if he does, he sounds disinterested and doesn’t ask for more.He’s just going through the motions but wants the conversation to be over before it’s even started..*lol*lmao*if it happens all the time,you better leave him and move on.

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4.He Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Say Anything Right

Is your boyfriend constantly picking fights with you and misinterpreting and misunderstanding anything you say?you’re running around in circles and defending yourself even when you’re being nice? Unless, you’re spending in code,and If he keeps doing that all the time there’s a bigger problem and it has nothing to do with you.He is looking for a way out.

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5. He Constantly Say “Sorry” For The Same Thing

Sorry is a big word .Very valuable but should not be misused.He says sorry when he cheats, sorry when he slaps you, sorry when you caught him with another lady..He will start singing you the song “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.lol..Dont be blinded,run for your life.If you do ,come back to thank me later–if you don’t ,come back to give me my “stone”

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6.It’s All About s3x

Having sex is not a means of keeping a relationship interesting.It’s good to cuddle, but when the only compliments are about your body and all of your time together feels like a means to an end…Sister! Sorry! It’s not Love, but Lust.

7.He Remember Nothing About You

You have full conversations that he cannot recollect.He heard you mention your April birthday five times but sill swears you were born in June.If the only thing he remembers is your address and his favourite bra-and-panty set, there’s a problem with your relationship.Human beings forget things at times but there are some things you cant just forget like that.

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Editor’s note:

knowing more about your relationship is important.If you’re a lot of these signs are part of it in him, you need to settle things out or you’d rather called it a Quit.Simple!!!