9 Places to touch a woman and make her go Crazy for you

The “action” before the “do” is the most important aspect during love making.Apart from the commonly known erogenous zones such as br3asts, v*gina and b*utt, there are other areas on woman`s body which can truly turn her on and make her crazy for you.–Places to touch a woman

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A gentle run through her hair can be a powerful aphro*disiac for your partner. Also, you can gently massage from her temples to the nape of her neck will definitely turn her on and make her go wild.


The pelvis being located near the v*ag*na, pelvis is an extremely erogenous part of her body. However, you need to resist the need to immediately slip down her v*gina. Also, you can tease her inner thighs and l*ck the area around her pelvis.

This will give your woman the maximum pleasure.

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