Are You Romantic? ; 5 Things Only Romantic Men Do After S3X

Going straight to sleep is the habit of most men. most men including some women even have accepted this un romantic gesture as a normal thing. But sorry bro, its not.

It could be normal for most people but i don’t think you want to be “most people” . Learn to stand out when it come to pleasing your woman

Women want more than having a man who sleeps off after sex, and every romantic man knows that.

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These are some of the ways you can spice things up even after sex it goes along way to show how romantic you are. Courtesy

  1. Touch

Look into eyes even after a good moment in the sheets, touch her gently, hold her hands and touch her hair.

This will awaken a lot of nerves in her body, and will make her feel the affection you have for her.
Every romantic man makes his woman feel special even after sex.

2. Cuddle

Cuddling after sex helps improve the bond between you and your lady; it makes her feel special and valued than when you quickly doze off.