As a Ghanaian-you Can Visit these 10 beautiful countries Without Visa

Countries you can visit from Ghana without Visa

Securing a visa from Ghana to any country at times looks like a rocket science.Some citizens see this as a daunting task and at times resort to fasting and prayers as they believe that is the only option that can help them get the visa.

I went to a particular church sometime back and when the pastor asked those who need a visa to stand up ,come and see the number of people that rose up for prayers.I believe this is not new to Ghanaians. Apparently, a lot of them wanted to visit the ever popular London,New York,Paris, Dubai, and the likes or any of the western countries.

One thing you should know is that, you don’t necessarily have to worry yourself trying to secure a visa to visit these countries if you can’t get the visa.As there are several countries you can visit as a Ghanaian to have a nice time.

Did you ever imagine with a Ghanaian passport , you can visit over 63 countries without a visa or visa on arrival?You are surprise er ?…lol..normal.There is always a first time to know something.

However, brings to you countries you can visit from Ghana for vacations or businesses Ghanaians without a visa.



Seychelles is a home to some of Africa’s best beaches.That is from their beautiful beaches with tropical charm their delicious seafood.

They offer their visitors the chance to indulge in exciting water activities.One thing you must note is that Ghanaians are granted visitor’s permit for 30 days in Seychelles,when it is due ,then you have to apply for a visa.

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