Kwame Despite reveals his secret of success-Read his advice to the youth

Despite Group of Companies Osei Kwame Despite has entreated Ghanaian youth to desist from engaging in fruitless fornication which will destroy their lives and focus on their education and work.


He observed that majority of the youth have been messing around to the detriment of their future when they can make their lives more meaningful by engaging in productive ventures.


The businessman whose road to success begun with the  selling of cassettes ‘pia monko’ is now counted among the richest men in the country.

He owns close to six media outlets and other businesses including neat fufu, neat ‘abenkwan’, this way chocolate drink, special ice water, Best Point Savings and Loans  among others.


He has received many awards form both local and international organisations. Despite encouraged the youth to motivate themselves to soar higher than wasting their time to chase girls or run after men which is the surest way to their failure.

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Speaking on Ultimate fm’s Morning Swing hosted by Nana Benyin Anumel, he urged the youth to take clues from his personal life and forge ahead to be great men and women in society.


‘If selling cassettes has brought me this far, be inspired by whatever you plan to do. Be motivated in it and to the youth stop fornicating around. It’s always good to motivate yourself in everything you do. Don’t wait for others to motivate you,’ he advised.



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