This is exactly what happens during and after a woman loses her virginity

These are mostly the things a virgin woman thinks about during and after $ex

Guys, have you ever wondered what goes through a female v*igin’s mind before, during and after her first journey at s*x? Here is an insight of some things that goes through their mind.

Woman, so you figure out that you are ready to give s*x a try. You have been pre-warned by everyone that it is reserved for marriage and how you should give your virginity to the man you intend to spend the rest of your life.


Well,unfortunately , if I should say, this is a new era and you don’t care about “losing your virginity on your honeymoon”. You met someone and feel ready to b@ng.

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You have researched on everything out there about $ex. What to expect, how to behave, the positions involved and what to do with your hands and so forth.

You bought sexy clothing that will enhance your femininity, you shaved everything minus your head- after all, you read that men like to grip onto a woman during…

woman loses her virginity-things real men need in a relationship
woman loses her virginity

And so you meet. He invited you to his place for a special night where you both know he will introduce you to womanhood after a delicious dinner.

Fast forward to two hours later in his bed, looking forward to the night of your life.

Your mind is busy analyzing the situation as events unfold.

Jady Duarte,Usain Bolt
Jady Duarte,Usain Bolt

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Why are your bodies not in sync like you’ve seen in the movies? It’s like you are reacting to each other in the same way a fish out of water flounders about on land…

Plus what is that smell? Why does the room smell ‘rotten’ and stuffy?

Why do you feel so tired when he’s doing all the work?

Why did his breath catch towards the end? Why didn’t yours catch too?

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Why is he sleeping?

You begin wondering why you feel sore when it was only one round?

Should you go take a shower and then wash the sheets that hold the evidence of your freely offered virtue?

And why do you feel so lonely? Shouldn’t you be both basking in the post-coital bliss together in a cuddle?

Why is he sleeping? Doesn’t he realize tonight was extremely special for you?

Should you do it again if that soreness doesn’t go away? Will it be that painful again?

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Fast forward…

Why was it so painful? Why did it feel like a watermelon was being passed through the eye of a needle?

Why was there little blood when you expected to ‘roll’ after you lost your virginity?

Why do you feel unsatisfied when you’ve just had a taste of it?…

If you are a lady and you’ve gone through this process or otherwise…You can share with us in the comment box.