Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians 

Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians

It’s not a lot of of an enormous deal once one become born again. However,  once a celeb,showbiz, or an entertainment person decides to inquire-require the cross and follow Jesus,it becomes a big deal.But there are Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians

This is because of the numerous misconceptions related to the business of entertainment due to  drug use, alcohol, fornication and alternative vices.

These are  African celebrities who were once into the “world” but are currently born again

1.Yaw Sikki

Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians- yaw siki
Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians-Yaw Siki

He was purported to be the new king of rap when his hit single, “Wop3 Dodo”. But an accident he had in 2013 on the Accra-Tema motorway modified his life utterly.

The accident that nearly claimed his life, is what created him settle for Christ. He currently lives preaching the word of God and takes care of himself with the tiny cash he makes from his daily preaching.

He recently turned down a suggestion of help from worship leader, Sonnie Badu.

2.Omar sheriff Captan

Omar Sheriff
Omar Sheriff- Ghanaian Celebrities who are now Born again Christians

The handsome actor  recently tied the knot together with his sweetheart is understood for his romantic roles in movies.

In 2013 he disclosed that he modified his ways in which and was progressing to follow God.

According with him, he got the calling six years earlier however didn’t put much seriousness into  it .  Until he miraculously prayed to heal his sister who was tormented by convulsion. God has since used him to try to to several wondrous things.

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