Ignorance?-God didn’t create us-Bibi Bright|Just watch the Video

Bibi Bright-God didn’t create us-Video

Bibi Bright -This actress have been in the news for all the bad reasons, yea , bad reasons.She announced her comeback into the acting industry with some nude pictures.

She claimed it was to portray how beautiful she is even her 30’s.It sounded to be a very flimsy  excuse, but what can we do?

This time around ,actress, producer and writer Bibi Bright is claiming that human beings were not created by God.

“God didn’t create us but we were born, so those he created were only Adam and Eve and after they gave birth to us so we’re no more God’s creation but MANUFACTURED GOODS.”

The Lost in His Glory actress in an interview with Delay indicated that God’s creation is awesome and perfect without mistake, hence physically challenged persons cannot also be said to be products of God’s creation.

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“When someone is a disabled, it’s never God’s creation; it’s the mother who gave birth to such person and not God.”


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