My dear ladies,6 things you should NEVER do to the va.gina

I’m a natural health campaigner and I am writing this article because of some experiences I’ve had with customers.If you are a lady and you are reading this , take note of these (ladies,6 things you should NEVER do the [email protected] ) points. You can share on your timelines and in your whatsapp groups to help a friend as well.

Now, lets go;

The female genital or the [email protected] cleanse itself so there’s usually no need to overly clean it,it does that itself!God, the master architect and who knows whats best for you made it so.

I think by now most ladies should know that the [email protected] is self cleansing so there’s usually no need to keep douching and over cleaning it!

The [email protected] restores its own PH balance all by itself making clean. Water is just enough to keep it clean and smelling just right.

(Note that vagina scents differ and this is usually largely due to lifestyle habits)…mmm

However,in these series of post , we going to look at 5 important things, you should not do to the [email protected];

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1. Don’t Douch

Douching is not good for the [email protected], it simply disrupts the PH balance of the intimate area and end up causing more harm than good.You are just worrying yourself

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