Photos: List Of Ghanaian Musicians Who Are Openly Into Sakawa (Scamming)

Sakawa is a big deal in Ghana. Its a very worrying trait mostly indulge by the youth. For the sake of our readers who are not Ghanains, let me take few minutes and explain what the term “Sakawa” means.

Sakawa is the term for two major ways of earning money in Ghana. The first one is Internet Scamming. Here the person involve fraudulently by any means possible play a game on the victim and steal his/her money.By 2011, internet scamming in Africa was earning as much as 80 million Pounds.

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The second kind of sakawa is more deadly, The person seeks spiritual source for money. In this instance blood sacrifices are perform and if things are done well, the person start earning his blood money.

By the way sakawa whatever form it takes os frown upon by Ghanaian society but very popular among and embraced in the streets.

Some Ghanaian Musicians are very much associated with sakawa. some have confess and declared that they are no more into it. SEE IF YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST IS IN


Medikal, hiplife artist who is a member of the AMG club owned by Criss Waddle is very famous for his involvement in sakawa activities. He is popularly known as the broker for his excellent in brokering deals for sakawa boys and their clients.

With is involvement,the deal is assured to be successful but he split the money earned equally with the game boy who hired him.

Photos: List Of Ghanaian Musicians Who Are Openly Into Sakawa (Scamming)