The Polygamous Life of African Dancehall King Samini

Shatta Wale took a swipe at Samini few days ago.He told him to stop impregnating women who live abroad for papers.Read full story on that here: “Stop impregnating women abroad for papers” – Shatta Wale to Samini


We felt the need to throw back and put together the news of our various celebrities who had strange happenings. Today, we take a look at Samini’s story; the story of his polygamous lifestyle-which shatta recently dissed him about.

As of May 2014, the Dancehall King’s two wives had divorced him but before that Samini was officially a polygamist. We are taking to archives to bring the you what has gone on in the polygamous life of Samini.


In February 2011, Samini got married to Mercy Geker, mother of his daughter, Yelisun Samini in London. At the time, Samini was already engaged to Christian Aboagye Mensah, a Ghanaian-based in Canada and the mother of his daughters- Toyila Samini and Ayana Samini, unknown to Mercy Geker.


Samini, on 10th May 2011, officially registered his marriage to Christiana Aboagye Mensah in a low profile ceremony which took place at the Registrar General’s Office in Accra in the presence of their children.Thanks to Peace FM, we have a photo of the ceremony.

Samini’s marriage to Christiana Aboagye Mensah

 The second wife, Mercy Geker, had this to say when she found out that she was the second wife.

I did not know Samini was married, my family did not know or had no clue to believe that he was already married. It all came as a shock and learnt about his marriage to Christiana when newspapers published it.


In his defense, he felt it was the right and honorable thing by marrying the mothers of his kids but the two women could not keep to that and decided to leave him. He has said it is acceptable where he comes from so he did not see anything wrong with it.


Samini currently has four kids, three girls and one boy from different women but he is not married to any of the women, per his account.



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