Photos: SHOCK as Water falls reshapes into a man’s face

Waterfalls reshapes man’s face

Waterfalls reshapes man’s face as tourists and native villagers in Zambia hurried to the Victoria Falls waters to witness a man’s image that had been fashioned by the waters.

The image that sounded like a creative drawing within the waters and this has caused a heated dialogue as some aforementioned its a non secular development whereas others argued that folks were having visual hallucinations and optical illusions….


The Tourists and locals were left dump as they could not believe their eyes.The Mosioa tonya(Smoke that thunders) indeed thundered as the waters formed the image of a man.

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Some said it looked like an artistic drawing in the waters. Some also said its mermaids while others said people were having visual hallucinations,but can illusions be captured on Camera.?

This happened in Zambia after announcing our president elect yesterday…

Well ,Check the picture;


Waterfalls reshapes man's face
Waterfalls reshapes man’s face