TV3’S Bridget Otoo explains why she’s no longer on TV

TV3’S Bridget Otoo explains why she’s no longer on your TV Screens as Some months ago , there were reports that, the former host of “you and the police” and the then host of TV3’s morning show new day, Bridget Otoo had been suspended by TV3 because of various reasons, one of them being indiscipline.

You can read that story here if you missed it:Bridget Otoo reacts to her disciplinary issues

However, the TV presenter was on Viasat One and when  asked if she has quit TV3 or still with the station because she hasn’t been on the screens for sometime now.

She said;

‘I trained at GIJ for 4 years. It’s surprising that people have reduced the work of a journalist to just be someone who has to be on the screens. I’m still at TV3 and doing lots of work off the screens.”

I must say , there is more to this as there are several rumors surrounding why she isnt appearing on TV anymore , is still gathering the facts– Stick with us and keep reading as we tend to delve deep into her absence on the screens.Seems to be something which isn’t palatable.

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