Shocking Videos Of two girls raping a guy Who Seems to have been intoxicated Leaked Online

Videos Of two girls raping a guy

A very Shocking and dumbfounded video where two girls where caught pants down raping a guy was sent to us this morning.

In The video you can clearly see The two girls forcing themselves on the guy, with one stroking his penny with her hands in an attempt to get him erect so the other one can ride on him.

You can see the other lady holding his hands down. At a point you can hear the guy cry out for help.

But many are saying he should have been strong enough to fight the 2 ladies off and get them off him, others are saying maybe he was drugged and made weak? Disgusting women,very disgusting.

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According to sources the video is 6mins long so it has been trimmed to part 1 & 2

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