10 Ghanaian Celebs who’ve had marital Scandals [number 6 & 2 will shock you ]

10 Ghanaian Celebs who've had marital Scandals

10 Ghanaian Celebs who’ve had marital Scandals

One thing some of our readers or those who admire the celebrities we write or talk “negative” stuffs about is not because we take delight in their misfortune.

But of course, they are our adored celebrities and that we always want to know what they are up to and are interested in whatever they do.However, when they do a good or bad thing , it generates public attention and so we will write about it.

In the last few months ,Kumawood actress, Rose Mensah, popularly known as Kyeiwaa, got married.Unfortunately, the much publicized marriage didn’t even last for a week as the bride legally wedded wife, popped up. It forced Kyeiwaa to return the man’s drink and ring to him to cancel officially their marriage for deceiving her.

Kumawood’s Kyeiwaa marriage scandal is not the only celebrity whose marriage has generated some controversy and public ridicule; A lot of Ghanaian celebrities have been involved in one way or the other some controversy with regards to their marriage.

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Ghpage.com brings to you 10 Ghanaian celebrities whose marriages generated some scandal.;

10. Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger recently got married to one Mr Abrokwa and few people remembers the Popular TV and radio presenter have been in some serious marriage scandals in the past.

I guess y’all remember the feud between Afia and Bishop Obinim ? Bishop Obinim took Afia and Kwame Nkrumah Tikese to the cleaners when they consistently kept hammering Obinim’s infidelity and the adultery he committed with his Junior pastor’s fiance.

Afia Schwar replied in an equal measure with short and very insulting videos.She didnt end there, she went further to post the picture of his then husband on instagram and described him as a true gentleman who doesn’t cheat.

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This prompted some people to do some “digging” on the man and later found out that,the man Afia was bragging about is legally married to another woman with kids.

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