10 Important Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Her Vagyna

Admittedly, the vagyna is the most desired and sought after body part of the human body created by God..lol

But most ladies despite them being custodian of such priceless thing has little to nothing idea about what the vagyna really is.

Don’t you think it’s really necessary you know how your vagi.na functions and how to keep it healthy?

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Below 10 things every woman needs to know about her vagi.na as compiled by ghpage.com

1. You are probably using the word vag.ina wrongly. The term “vagi.na” refers only to the narrow canal inside a woman’s body connecting her vulva (the outer part of her private part) to the cervix.

2. The vagi.na is incredibly elastic. No matter the size of his pen.is, the vag.ina always returns to its usual tightness after se.x.

3.A woman’s orgas.m is generally more intense than the male orgasm. This is because the clito.ris has about 8,000 sensory nerve endings compared to the pen.is that has only 4,000.


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