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10 shocking human behaviors you probably don’t know about.

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Our behaviors determine how our lives turn out at the end of the day. Whilst most people are quick to blame others for how they are unsuccessful, some have learnt the art of self-mastery, taking calculated steps to get results that improve upon their lives.

Here are 10 shocking behaviors that will make you laugh and be in awe at once.

  1. You can love two people at the same time, but never at the same intensity. Loving someone intensely implies not just a deep appreciation and admiration but a lasting, full force passion that is mostly time consuming and very personal. Even though you have love for family, friends, spouse, etc., you will realize that your love for one person far outweighs that which you have for others.

2. Your Haters don’t really hate you. They behave that way because you are the reflection of what they want to become. So the next time you see someone hating or tal king s**t about you, don’t get angry. Have pity on them.

3. Poor people tend to be more generous than the rich.
It happens that poor people know what it feels like to be really poor. Therefore they know what it means to show empathy and share the little hey have. On the other hand, they rich seem to be far away from this narrative. A recent research show that the rich tend to rationalize their advantage, and believe that they the riches they’ve gotten. They then tend to pursue their self-interest and moralize greed easily by indulging in certain unethical behaviors.

4. People who believe in showing off are generally fools. Research suggests that insecurity is a major reason for people to show off. They need to prove to others that they are more important, richer, happier and have a good life. But do you need to show off if you’re happy? If you know that you’re great, you don’t need to tell anyone about it. They should already know. However, if you think that they don’t know you’re great, then you’ll have to make efforts to display your greatness.

Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.” – Bruce Lee.

5. The validity effect – the more we hear something, the more we are likely to think it is true. This, in other words is what we call propaganda and it was massively used by the Germans in the World Wars. Simply, be careful of what you believe to be the truth. The fact that you’ve heard over and over again doesn’t necessarily make it the truth.

Here are five more interesting facts.   

6. We can only be close to up to 150 people.

7. Around 80 % of the human conversations are gossip.

8. Our brains wander for about 30 % of the day

9. How we see ourselves is based on the habits we cultivate.

10. You can’t lie to a person who you love.

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