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10 Tips to Start Living Together before Marriage

The long-awaited moment has come. You are both ready for a life together. The bottom line is that a completely new stage begins for you – a wonderful life together. That’s where the most interesting begins… So, how to live together successfully?

1. Talk, talk, and talk
The first and, perhaps, one of the most important conditions is to discuss all the problems that arise. If something bothers you from the very beginning, you shouldn’t hide your emotions. Just discuss everything and your fears will disappear! By the way, don’t forget to listen to the opinion of a loved one.

2. Don’t be at home all the time
At the very beginning, it will be so interesting to spend time with each other. But no matter how much you want to sit still, holding her hand and looking enthusiastically at the wall, now the standards and rules for your life together are being laid. And if you don’t immediately find the moral strength to spend time separately, then a few months later you will have to fight for your freedom of movement.

3. Have own territory
How to give your wife space when you live together? Think in advance how to provide each of you with own territory. Of course, this doesn’t mean, that you should live in different rooms and lock yourself with a key. It’s about being able to be alone with yourself, just relaxing. Understand that no matter how strong your feelings are, everyone needs a little “oxygen”.

4. Trust each other
Now you have her phone, computer, documents, diary, photo albums… Are you sure that you will not rummage in all this, trying to arrange a scene of jealousy due to the slightest suspicion? It is worth remembering that deciding to live with one of the beautiful women, you have already believed her.

5. Share responsibilities
Yes, at first glance it may seem that all this is a trifling matter. You are ready for any feats for the sake of love, but what in reality? Here come bills for utilities, bags with garbage at the threshold begin to irritate, and the burned out lamp just makes you nervous. And where has all the romance gone? So, you just have to determine who is responsible for what. This is how to live together successfully.

6. Forget about ultimatums
“Either you do it or we break up!” – Are you serious? Even if you don’t like something, keep calm and discuss it.

7. Rid yourself of nervous breakdowns about relatives
Yes, at the very beginning of a relationship, as a rule, you “love” her mom and dad, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles. But believe me, it is better to discuss when you can invite them to your house and how often you want to see them.

8. Be ready to become a single whole
How to live together successfully? Remember that there is no “I” and “mine” anymore. Now there is “us” and “our”. You probably can’t even imagine how much everything now belongs to both of you. A bed and a bath, dishes and a TV, a closet and a car – all this is used by both of you, so forget about the feeling of ownership.

9. Don’t have sex on a schedule
How many couples live together before marriage? Quite a lot. And it is clear that when people live together, they have sex on a schedule. For example, strictly on Tuesdays and Fridays after the news, and on Sundays immediately after you wake up. And everything is good for men but girls run the risk of a little stress. They live by their hormonal cycle. Do you want sex to bring you both more satisfaction? Try to do it not when it is convenient, but when a girl is in a clearly playful mood.

10. From fantasy to reality
Don’t build illusions. Take a sober look at things. Take in any difficulties not as a tragedy but as new information that you need to accept and decide what to do with it further.

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