12 weird things we don’t understand about facebooking

12 weird things we don’t understand about facebooking

Scrolling through your News Feed can be more of a nuisance than a pleasure these days,thanks to some weird antics, interesting and unsolicited interactions these days.

I’ve been online, in fact on facebook for years and there are still some things I just cannot grasp about social media. I think I’m not the only one that struggles to comprehend the following Facebook trends:

1. People who like their own posts.

Five minutes after the user have posted a status. I get a notification that someone have liked something I’m tagged in. I check to see and it’s the same person who posted.

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But I’m not into liking something I’ve posted about myself. Maybe I’ve missed something here?

2. People who like their own memories.

I understand sharing them, of course I have been sharing some interesting memories of mine for the past one week.

I’m a bit lost on liking your own memory (which you originally liked when posting the first time).lol

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3. Direct messages.

When you don’t react or comment to someone’s post and they send it to you in a direct message. Now I know you’ve seen me read it and I have to say something.Some also do not comment of a status directly but rather send the comment via inbox…Interesting

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4. People that post long videos to your timeline.

I have to say goodbye to my data to watch a video someone else thought I’d find amusing. For the record, they were wrong (and now I’m low on data).lol

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