According to john 1:18, no one has seen God. Something which hasn’t been seen, yet believers say men were made in his image. Who has seen him? Where? When? Any Witnesses? Corroborated by whom? Has anyone talked with him? what was said? Who witnessed it? who corroborated the conversation? In fact, if you quote the bible to answer any of these questions, you have failed big time! READ ALSO:TRENDING: Check Out The

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This is because that was written by men many years after alleged events took place in Judea. I await your empirical evidence that you are yet to supply, or is it that believers do not know what empirical evidence is. Empirical evidence, data, or knowledge, also known as sense experience, is a collective term for the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation. The term comes from the Greek word for experience, ???????? (empeiría).


If he existed, anybody can realise it by “THYSELF” test or observation. God is ever “demandable” subject on earth, and it is increasingly difficult to have any witness of God. There is no perceived wisdom in religion, just superstitious nonsense!! The greatest wisdoms on the earth like, Buddha and Socrates expressed ,” Know thyself” that is an infrangible truth!! Unfortunately you can’t teach people who are unwilling to learn, and the average theist is unwilling to learn about new perspectives and only care about learning irrelevant things that involve their beliefs. I say the closest thing we have come to a “God” is the universe. We watch it explode, expand, create and destroy. It’s like this big recycling machine. God is a magical, unseen, inaudible father- like entity created by primitive men who didn’t know where the sun went at night.

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When I was a child, I believed it, because the stories were so enticing, the brainwashing was so thorough, and it took a long time to detox. I asked theists to explain to me why it’s necessary to believe in god, I got few opinions but no solid reasons, why? That’s because there is no good reason. God is only needed if you need him! Blessed is he who needeth not god, for his is the righteous path. Amen!!! I am an African, I write what I like…



The writer, Kojo Frimpong, is a Ghanaian by birth but domicile in Jamaica. He is an atheist,a writer and describes himself as a free thinker . He is popularly known as the “The African “. He holds a graduate certificate in psychology and writing from University of Ghana



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