15 Amazing Facts About S3x You Don’t Know But You Should Know

Everybody enjoy s3x, that is the basic fact but the sad truth is that most people have little knowledge of the fact surrounding the s3xual act.

Do you think you know everything about sex? Think again because there are amazing facts about sex I bet you don’t know.

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Ghpage.com brings to her cherished fans 15 amazing fact about s3x you need to know now


1.Lack of sex makes a man’s sperm count decrease.

You may not know but lack of s3x actually decreases the sperm count in men.  so don’t deprive your partner of se.x for too long,

2. Sex is addictive. The more se.x you have, the more you want.

Have you been wondering why your s3x drive has risen of late, then this is the reason. Science has proven that, the more you enjoy quality s3x time with your partner the more you get addicted to the act

3. Men have an average of 11 erections per day.

This means that some have more that the 11 per day while others too have it less but averagely 11 is the number of times men have erection per day

4. The average length of a man’s pen*s when erect is between five and seven inches.


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