17 Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Over And Its Time To Move On

Not always do successful relationship last and that is a fact. Most at times due to one thing or the other some relationship that is the envy of everyone collapse without any warning.

Interesting, the couple themselves may not even realize when the relationship is headed for doom. Having this knowledge will enable the partners involve to take the necessary step to resolve or throw in the towel to save time and pain.

Do you feel something isn’t right in your relationship? Is your partner acting very cold and distant lately? Your partner might have lost interest in the relationship.

Here are 17 obvious signs your relationship is over

1. Your partner picks up fight with you over things that are irrelevant and important. Arguments with your partner don’t just seem to make sense to you.

2. Everything starts becoming annoying to you partner and it suddenly becomes difficult pleasing your partner.

3. Arguments and disagreements between you and your partner have become more frequent.

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4. Nothing you do seems to be enough for your partner. Your partner suddenly starts complaining about your ambition, job, finance, friends, car, house etc.

5. You used to be your partner’s priority but these days every other thing seems to be more important to your partner than you.

6. You and your partner are spending less time together lately. The both of you used to be inseparable in the past but those days are now in the past.

7. Your partner is always free to hang out with his/her friends but is always too busy to spend quality time with you.


8. Sex felt special but it’s more like a chore lately. Your partner seems to be somewhere else when having sex with you lately and cuddling after sex has suddenly become rare.

9. Your partner suddenly becomes conservative and no longer likes public displays of affection. No more holding hands, hugs and kisses in public.


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