21 Tips to make distinction in all your courses as a Ghanaian undergraduate

21 Tips to make distinction in all your courses as a Ghanaian undergraduate

Editor’s note: I decided to re-post this write up on my blog for the purpose of granting the request of one of the readers, an undergraduate of University of Ghana.Not just the undergraduate but as I lifestyle coach , I get a lot of questions from students as to how best they can pass their exams with distinction. I “chanced” on this piece on Livingvibes.com which I find very educative and informative so I decided to share with you all.

The undergraduate wanted a guide on how to make distinction in all his courses. As much as he’s going to benefit from this article, I also believe you will benefit immensely if you are currently undergoing an academic program in any institution of higher learning.

The ideas and academic success principles I am about to share with you are what I have personally applied and have seen worked for other high-flying students I met in the course of my academic journey from primary school to the university level.

What to do to make distinction in your courses include the following:

1. Desire to Make Distinction in All Your Courses Badly:

Every achievement in life begins with a DESIRE. If you must make distinction in all your courses, you must have a BURNING desire to achieve that feat.

With a burning desire, you will be able to go through every pain and stress necessary to birth your distinctions. When you are faced with obstacles, a burning desire for academic success will propel you to focus on solutions rather than problems. It will keep you going.

2. Write down your goal:

Your goal here is to make distinction in all your courses. It is not enough to just have it on your head that you want to make distinction in all your courses, it is important you write it down in your personal journal. Writing down your goals makes them appear tangible and achievable.

It is essential that you paste it where you can see it every day. You can paste it beside your mirror or somewhere in your room. The first thing I always do once I resume for a new term when I was in secondary is to make a list of all my subjects and write the grades I want to have in all.

I did same too when I was an undergraduate. The result is that my mates marvel at my academic performance. Some folks in my secondary school days, especially when I was in J.S.S 1 taught I was not ordinary, because they could not imagine how I achieved the feat of making A’s in virtually all my subjects.

The reason lies in the fact that I decided to make A’s in all my subjects and I know that if it must be, I must have certain amount of mark in each subject to attain the goal, so I put in the needed effort to achieve my goal.

I went on to be among the top 10 graduating students in secondary school out of over 200 hundred students, and graduated with a second class upper from the university. Without academic goals, you can hardly be an outstanding student.

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