25 facts about Ladies body that they don’t even know themselves

Facts about Ladies-Most people think all persons are similar and the difference between sexes is not very significant-if you are one read on-

Here are 25 most curious facts about female body


1. One facts about Ladies or  Women is that their heart naturally beats faster than man’s one.

2. Women blink twice as often as men do.

3. Female organism taps reserves much slower than male’s: approximately 50 kcal a day.

4. Women have stronger immunity.

5. Diameter of woman’s hair is twice smaller than man’s.


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6. Callosum in woman’s brain is thicker than in man’s. It contains 30% more connections. This what actually helps women cope with several tasks at once.

7. Woman’s tongue has more taste receptors.

8. Woman’s organism has more pain receptors, but due to oestrogen which blocks inflammatory processes, in general, women have a lower pain threshold.

9. Women can better distinguish tints and colors, because color identification is connected to the X-chromosome.

10. Woman’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than male’s.


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11. There is more elastin in muscles and band of female organism, that’s why women are more elastic.

12. Women can better distinguish sounds of high frequency.

13. During sleeping, activity of woman’s brain reduces only by 10%, that’s why female sleeping is more sensitive.

14. Women can better define various tints of sweet taste.

15. Women naturally orient in space much worse than men, that’s why they can have problems with driving. For example, 82% of men can do parallel parking, and 70% of them cope with this task on the first try. Women show quite different results. Only 22% or women are capable to deal with this task, and only 1/3 of them will do this at the first attempt.

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16. There are two-word centres controlling women’s speech. That is why women can easily pronounce up to 8000 words a day, using approximately 3000 sounds and 10 000 non-verbal signals. Males show twice lower characteristics.

17. Women have naturally more developed olfaction.

18. Women have developed peripheral (side) vision, and men – central one.

19. A female neck is more flexible than male. When someone calls a woman, she simply turns her head, while a man will turn his whole corpus.

20. Hair loss is an X-lined recessive character which a man inherits from his mother.


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21. Due to the presence of two X-chromosomes, a female organism has a big tendency to receiving complications and chronic diseases.

22. Women are naturally more emotional. They cry approximately 30-60 times a year while men do this only 6-17 times.

23. Approximately 30% of women feel the desire to eat inedible things during pregnancy.

24. Women prone to worrying and feeling of danger due to the high level of such hormones as progesterone, cortisol, and estradiol. That is why women intuitively feel threat and danger much better.

25. Women freeze on men much stronger due to the higher level of oxytocin. Women have more developed brain zones responsible for the sense of affection.



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