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29 pastors nearly slept with me, leave Kennedy Agyapong to do justice to false pastors-Yaa Nikki

29 famous pastors and 30 associate pastors wanted to sleep with me-Yaa Nikki

A young lady named Yaa Nicky claims that 29 pastors almost sept with her, so Kennedy Agyapong ought to be left undisturbed and should continue exposing them.

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According to a video sighted on One Ghana TV on YouTube, Yaa Nikki speaking on an interview, said that almost all the famous pastors in Ghana have been attempting to sleep with her anytime she visited their church.

She said she has no more interest in going to church ever again because she knows for sure that a church is a place to receive salvation and be taught righteous living rather pastors approach her with sex which contradicts what church is really about.

Moreover, Yaa Nikki stated that about 30 associate pastors have also attempted to sleep with her from numerous churches and she was reluctant to mention names, with the intention to not shame the church.

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Yaa Nikki is rumored to be related to a renowned rapper Okomfour Kwaadee.

Also, Yaa revealed that many of the famous pastors we see on Television are womanizers despite having wives.

She stated that there is nothing wrong sleeping with a clergyman but sleeping with one that has a wife is a big sin for her.

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Therefore, she would not allow herself to be played by fake pastors in any way.

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