Atopa video of 3 boys ‘chopping’ a St. Louis SHS girl

For some strange reasons these young boys and girls never learn. Well, another video has been released online and this time it’s a young lady and 3 strong boys taking turns on her.

From the video, the boys are doing everything from s*cking, l*cking, d*ggy and everything you can imagine and all was captured on camera, apparently with the consent of the girl.

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As two people at a time enjoy the girl, the other one takes the video. And they kept switching in turns. From what we gather, the boys intentionally released it online for reasons best known to them.

The St. Louis SHS girl

We are yet to fully identify the identity of the young girl but we have gathered she is a very popular girl on Snapchat and she is graduate of St. Louis SHS girl (We are yet to fully confirm that).

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The things these kids practiced surprised even the devil himself smh. I know you want to watch the video but do not upload such videos on our website. It’s against our policy. It’s all over social media, you just have to look for it.

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