30 Basic Things Every Responsible Lady Should Know At Age 30

If the adage “life begins at 30” is anything to go by, then we should know the age 30 comes with basic life necessities.

You cant really begin life at age 30 with a lot of confusion and unpreparedness. Its assumed at age 30, you are facing every situation with the seriousness it deserves.

So I made a list of thirty things every woman should know at age 30.

1. The decisions you make now would shape the next 30 years of your life.

2. Life is no longer about parties and alcohol.

3. You should know the friends you can really trust.

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4. You should know how to communicate with your man.

5. You should know how to communicate with people in general.

6. You should know the things to expect from a man.

7. You shouldn’t depend on a man for everything in life.

8. You should know the best meal you can prepare.

9. You have to depend on yourself for a whole lot.

10. The kind of dress that would make you look stunning.


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