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30 Romantic Ways For Married Couples To Enjoy $£x In 2018

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$ex is one of the most important pleasure things the Almighty God attached to human life, it is a course of happiness, respect, gratitude, admiration, care etc. that always happen between couples.

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More or less, many of our loyal and respected readers always demand more of such articles to be published for their experience. With that, our research has found useful ways to teach our cherish readers the best acts for couples to enjoy sex in 2018.

Many couples in their sexual encounter always ask how they can ever have the best sex which will continue to live in their memories even when they are not close to each other.

The best sexual intercourse a couple will ever have is the one both partners enjoy most.

Well, from the research, it was known that the best sexual encounters tend to begin with slow and steady movements. Slow soft kisses are the rule of the game. As those kisses get deeper, bodies move closer, minds become more focused and hands start to roam.

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Now, read the information below By Funmi Akingbade and enjoy good sex in 2018;

One: Even if you have had sex with your spouse hundreds of times, you can still feel the incredible thrill of slowly progressing to a climax. The benefits are not just that you are bound to feel each other’s wonderful sensation for a little longer than you would during a quickie; you are also more likely to feel enhanced sensual thrills. By couples taking their time, they have a chance to pay attention to how they respond to different touches, kisses, positions, thrusts, and pleasures.

Two: You both have more opportunities to try new things; make small adjustments and build towards a state of heightened arousal that rocks both of you from head to toe. In addition, during slow sex, you are more likely to look each other in the eye, to communicate what you want, and to tap into more profound emotions. A lengthy sexual encounter is like a well prepared intercontinental, African, Chinese or local meal. It is not just about satisfying your hunger; it is about enjoying every single, delicious moment.

Three: Husband, please don’t squeeze your wife’s breasts like toilet paper or handkerchief. Feel her nipples become erect one at a time, as your fingertips circle each one over her blouse or nightdress with the bra off.

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Four: A little kiss on her panties can provide a provocative preview of things to come later on. Wife, the aroma of a hygienic, sparkling, fresh, dirt-free, vagina fluid is one of the erotic sexual attractions for many husbands. So, keep your vagina inviting, captivating, appealing, tempting and enticing always. Husbands should treat their wives to the most classic romantic move. You can just carry your woman and take her to bed. Hundred percent of wives are dying for this move.

Five: The last time many husbands carried their wives was on their wedding day, while they were posing for pictures. You all will agree with me that another sweeping off the feet is long overdue. Wife, a romantic, well-perfumed light wears can inspire a better response from a man than something tight, rough, unattractive, old and smelly.

Six: It is characteristic for African couples to rush through sex, but when a spouse is in the mood to savour sex, start with soft kisses and caresses, letting your lips and hands glide at first, before you slowly add more pressure. These first small moves set precedence for your spouse to follow. They let them know that you are in the mood to let every sensation linger. Starting in first gear does not mean you have to kick off the night with a mouth-to-mouth kiss with un-brushed mouth. Many times, a typical wife’s ‘sex engine’ has ‘knocked’ few months into the marriage and the car is packed on a hill with the neutral gear engaged just because the husband rushes through sex all the time.

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