The scene and mood Asuadee was a very sorrowful one when people of the town finally got to know ” 50 Ghana Pesewas “what led to the fight to the death between two good friends.

Two good friends have died after they openly traded punches during a misunderstanding over 50 pesewas on Monday evening. The shocking incident happened at Asuadee, a farming community in the Ahafo Ano South East Constituency of the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

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The names of the deceased persons were given by eye witnesses as 30-year-old Obolo and Kennedy, who was 29-years-old. Obolo was the first to give up the ghost few minutes after the brawl, which happened in the full glare of the public around 7pm. Kennedy, who perhaps felt shocked and afraid of being arrested over his friend’s death, vanished into thin air and was found dead the following day.

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Augustine Apau, who witnessed the incident, broke the disturbing news on Kessben FM’s ‘Breaking News programme hosted by Ali Baba. According to him, Obolo and Kennedy happily went to a drinking spot in the town where they gulped several bottles of alcoholic beverages that Monday evening.

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The two friends, who were happily chatting whilst returning home, spotted one Sarah, who is Kennedy’s sister, selling roasted corn at a spot in the town. Obolo took one of the corns and Sarah demanded that he (Obolo) paid 50 pesewas, which is the cost of the corn, but the latter hesitated. Obolo’s behaviour got Kennedy infuriated so he charged on Obolo to pay the money.

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Surprisingly, the two friends started to trade punches for some minutes over the 50 pesewas before people at the scene separated them. Obolo suddenly collapsed after the two had been separated but he was revived after buckets of cold water were poured on him. He was then rushed to the hospital for medical care but was declared dead on arrival. Kennedy, who perhaps got frightened after learning of Obolo’s death, vanished into thin air and the people mounted a search for him.

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His dead body was, however, found in a nearby bush the following day, and they suspected that he had committed suicide. The mortal bodies of the two friends had been deposited at the morgue awaiting autopsy to determine the cause of their death.

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