5 reasons why Some guys Can’t Keep their mouth Shut after getting Laid

Guys seems to be  understandable when it comes to love matters.A fully grown man behaving  like a child,and doing stuffs you will not expect them to be doing.Interestingly ,some guys are fond of telling their colleagues as to which lady they have laid.It doesnt matter their age –teens do it as well as grown up.Not  a good thing ,why should you kiss amd tell ? But most guy do it . And for whatever reason they do that,we are yet to reveal some –so read on .


When they feel they have spend much of their savings, little earnings and  pocket-money on Brazilian-hair, recharge cards, chicken-republic,takeaway, ice-cream, trips and expensive dates.Even at that  some girls still do “strong-head” and vehemently refuse love advances and approaches towards them. When the guy finally gets into her ,he would not hesitate in any opportunity given to him and those that was  not given to gist his guys, peepz.Some even tell their female friends how he finally devoured and smashed the hell out her.



Though some guys see this as a normal stuff , it’s simply immature.  saying to anyone who cares to listen how you fu*ked your principal/VC’s daughter or your head girl. Most girls becomes victims and they  think it’s only them that knows or it remained between them.HELL NO!!!…. You know why? Am happy to tell you that once you’ve slept with a guy another 5 guys are aware of it, those 5 guys have informed another set of 6 guys, see as the number keeps multiplying……. You know, it’s  really a small world… continue throwing yourself about…. your lil secret is out there !!!



Time immemorial that Lots of guys have been responding positively to peer pressure. Quite often than not, whenever they are with their friends gisting.Their friends gives gist of how they went to bang a girl in “East Legon” or “Ahodwo” and other sexual escapades.

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They keep mute and look like babies that are still in incubator all because they don’t have any gist to drop or share, but as soon as they manage and struggle to get one puna , the victim would be more popular than Yvonne Nelson sef.  For that period of time they won’t cease to stop telling anyone that cares to listen about how they smashed because he wants to be heard also “ihn too he be guy “.


See–some guys go as far as setting targets for the number of “tonga” they “chopped” .They plan on hitting within a certain period of time. Well at this point I must say this little bit of truth, most guys are  very guilty of this and visionless and childish now if you ask me.

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Boasting; some guys are extremely boastful and cannot close that mouth of theirs in bragging to their friends and peers on how they bleeped a girl and went 8 consecutive rounds, when we all know that they cannot last more than 1½ rounds.


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Most guys are really into this  chopping , Super-bet,Mybet and the likes,but that’s not it–they bet on babes too. They place bets with one or 2 of their also promiscuous paddy’s to sleep with a popular area or campus babe that’s always claiming “stubborn”. After doing this successfully they derive so much joy in giving back-2-back stories on how they finally murdered the “stubborn-girl’s” punani”, they even at times go as far as recording how the whole act went with the girl to prove and show their friends to watch. Don’t know why .Its just getting messy and annoying nowadays of the influx of all these.Just take care of yourself and be cautious.

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