6 Ghanaian Female Heroines Who Deserve More Appreciation Than They Are Getting Now

6 Ghanaian Female Heroines Who Deserve More Appreciation Than They Are Getting Now
Ghanaian Female Heroines

36 Ghanaian Female Heroines Who Deserve More Appreciation Than They Are Getting Now

Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

They say this is a man’s world, but how would the world be complete without a touch of a woman?. Against a world dominated by men, few women have the courage to voice out their feeling

The situation is the same in Ghana too. Women have been backed to the world they can’t even express their feelings without being called derogatory names by men.

Against all these odds, Some bold, fearless women refuse to back down and day in day out ensures we take the views of women into consideration in all we do. Such women should be celebrated for their fearlessness.

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Ghpage.com will take our readers through the profile of few women in Ghana who are not being fairly honored for their heroism.

1. Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings the wife of former president and the longest serving leader in Ghana Jerry John Rawlings is one spectacular heroine that should be acknowledged for her effort in strengthening the role of women in modern democratic Ghana.

“Iron Lady” as she is affectionately called for her tough stance on issues. Although recognized as a former first lady,she deserves to be acknowledge for her role in fighting for woman as far as the 1970s.

She has been beside her husband during the military rule days and went further to found “31st December Women Movement” an association dedicated to fight for the right of women in Ghana.

In recent times, she has been more active in speaking out against societal evils like corruption. When she had a fallout with the political party she founded with her husband, she went ahead to establish her own party to still fight. Such a woman deserves all the respect and love she can get from all, especially women

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2. Leila Djansi

Another Heroine that is being under appreciated for her efforts is Leila Djansi. Leila is a filmmaker, writer and a producer with several international recognitions. Despite being in the creative industry where people think its suicide to meddle on matters of government, This brave lady speaks up a lot.

She just can’t keep quiet when she sees societal ills. She campaigned massively for the immediate past NDC government during the 2012 elections. But that didn’t deter her from speaking up against any action she deemed wrong by the party.

Sometimes her bravery put some people off. she is sometimes regarded as as arrogant for her blunt way of speaking about issues. But she is always right and have the good of the country at heart. She deserves more!

Leila Djansi


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