6 Most Ridiculous Dressing At This Year’s VGMAs | You Will Be Disappointed With #5

6 Most Ridiculous Dressing At This Year’s VGMAs | You Will Be Disappointed With #5

Agya 3ba oo agya 3ba oo, Agya ab3 duro( Literally translated: Father is coming father is coming, Father has finally arrived) VGMA, VGMA, VGMA, It came to past last night.And Ghpage.com was there live to observe things

And with the exception of few issues with sound, it was splendid. Some celebrities went home smiling whiles others were shouting foul play. But am most sad for Medikal. I don’t know the kind of bad luck that follows that guy. How can you have 7 nominations and go home empty handed? aa well not my business.

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My business is with the kind of dressing some celebrities turned up with. Did some of these people look in the mirror before stepping outside? kw3!! who dressed these people?


Let me start with Bibi Bright. My good gracious! that lady was looking like red fish when she stepped on the Red carpet. So with such fine features she couldn’t get a good fashion designer to design something to fit her beautiful shape? And what is it with the tail? Sweetheart, sack your tailor!



Yesterday i saw one of the editors at Ghpage.com tweet that Berla Mundie looks like a large intestine fresh out of a cow. And he is not far from the truth. One would expect the Red carpet host to look elegant and gorgeous not so plenty and shapeless.

When she was interviewing Bibi Bright, Nana Ama Mcbrown, and Zynnell, i nearly puked! I asked my self if she is the same s$xy Mundie that i love? I couldn’t even see her a$$. My dear go back to your jeans or better still kaba. We can’t have you looking like peacock all in the name of fashion. No we won’t accept that!



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