6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Visits

I had a serious debate with a couple of guys if ladies send a signal when they visit a guy they want to ‘sleep’ with — and the kind of signs they display.

We couldn’t agree on all the kinds and types of signs, they show or if they send the sign at all.

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At a point, we agreed on a certain they do which are common regardless of the kind of the lady or circumstances.

So we at Ghpage.com went further to conduct a random poll/survey.

We made sure not to be bias so we drew the list of women to be interviewed across board. We had Married women, Ladies in a serious relationship, those in a complicated relationship, the ‘friends with benefits’ and all the types of relationships you know.

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Although we had divergent answers concerning the kind of signs or displays they put up when they visit a guy and would love to be bonked — we concluded on these commonest signs most ladies show.

1) She Looses some shirt buttons when she is in your room

When a lady who you are into and who you know is also into you visit and start loosing some buttons on her shirt, she is trying to send you a message— And is trying to get you to arouse.

Get the message and go for the ‘kill’. Don’t put your hand in your pocket and act all gentleman. Be the man!

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2) She comes wearing a skimpy(short, light, tight) dress

We all agree that ladies really pay attention to the kind of dress they wear especially when they know a guy will be where they will.

A woman you are dying and you know she’s very interested to spend quality time (not a stranger, we don’t want to hear any rape case..lol) with you, visits and is looking that sexy and romantic —my guy get the message and get to work.

Don’ miss the opportunity, she might not come back again.

3) She visits and immediately tells you she will be leaving very soon

Indeed, some are truly in a hurry and would want to leave very soon but it’s not all the time.

In most cases, some are actually telling you to make a move.

But some guys will be there pleading with them to spend more time. According to some of the ladies, it is very frustrating. Make the movie, she is up for it .

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4) She requests you to play some ‘sultry’ song and immediately start dancing to it

Your house is not a clubhouse. If she really wants to dance, your room wouldn’t have been the ideal place.

She wants you to hit the floor with her, rock her and move things to the next level. Don’t just sit in the chair and nod like a lizard, get the message.

5) She visits, lies down and tells you she wants to sleep and you shouldn’t disturb her:


My brother, it is a lie! She purposely came to enjoy herself. The warning and the sleeping area all clues. Bro, go for the kill, no dulling.

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6) She lays a hand gently on your shoulders or laps

We all know this is a sign. Its very common. But the problem about this sign is that guys who understand this message get it all wrong. Yes, she desires for the thing but she wants you to be cozy about it.

She is telling you she is not going anywhere anytime till she gets what she came for, so relax my guy. Don’t just pounce on her. She is all yours that night. Just don’t let her leave disappointed.

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In all these signs, you need to study her mood, actions and reactions before you take an action—As it might not work in every circumstance.

Now that you have learned these important things, I hope you don’t want that dear sister leaves your place still hungry (wink..lol)… Keep Reading more on our relationship tips category.

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