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Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a bit hectic and having open and honest communication is very fundamental.

However, when communicating with each other, one must be mindful of the words you say to your partner whether you are angry or not.

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Ghanapage.com brings you some mean things as a woman, you should never say to the man you love.

1. You say such stupid stuff sometimes

Most men always want you to know they are the smartest and they do not want you to point it out to them that they say dumb thing at times.

It makes them feel bad which is not healthy for the relationship.

2. I don’t know why I am with you

This is the worst thing you can say to your partner, especially if you are in love with the person. This breaks their heart so just avoid it.

No matter how angry you get, just avoid this statement because when you simmer down, you will be regretful. Just avoid it.

3. I never loved you

This statement diminishes an entire relationship filled with love and good memories. This will be in your partner’s head and might never forget it.

You can always end the relationship if there is not love but that statement can bruise your partner’s ego. You might have said this during the heat of the moment but it will always echo in your partner’s head.

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4. I hate you

Even though you likely don’t mean it, never let this statement slip out of your mouth under any circumstances.

However, expressing hatred towards your partner is one of the most hurtful statements you can say.

It’s not something your partner will easily forget and can poison the relationship.

5. He is a better man than you

Most men hate to be compared to either your ex or any other person. Your partner has his strength and weaknesses.

This will give him an inferiority complex and in your eyes, he won’t be good enough. Instead, tell him that he made one or two mistakes, wasn’t focused enough, was too tired, and that he can learn from his errors and come back stronger next time. This time, it just wasn’t his day. But he’s still the best.

6. I don’t care 

Telling your partner you don’t care is absolutely rude and it shuts down communication. If you have a thought or feeling about something, it’s important to express it.

Saying you don’t care shows indifference, which is not beneficial to a relationship.

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7. Shut up

Try as much as possible to keep this out of your relationship. Not only is this rude, but this also discounts what your partner is trying to express.

If your partner is saying something offensive, be direct about what is offending you without being negative.

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