7 Popular Lies Ghanaians Love To Tell ; Most Guys Are Guilty Of Number 7

Just like any other individual, Ghanaians too are well known for telling lies to survive a situation. From politicians to lovers, every Ghanaian tell a lie at least every day

Ghanaians are known for a number of things. Someone would argue that Ghanaians are the most intelligent, another would say Ghanaians are corrupt, and yet another person say Ghanaians are cool and receptive people.

How one views Ghanaians is entirely relative and it greatly depends on the experiences they have had with each other. The first and the subsequent encounters any Ghanaian will definitely leave a mark in one’s mind and will definitely affect how they relate with each other.

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And Ghanaians as any normal human being at one point in time say a lie to save a situation or gain a favor from politicians ,individuals etc .

Ghpage.com exclusively have compiled an everyday number of lies people normally say ;Below are some ,which of these are you a victim of?

1.“Lost all my contacts ,thats why I have not been calling you”:

This lie is common among the youth. In fact no Ghanaian youth who uses phone can confidently say he/she has never told this lie before. Its very common. The positive side to this lie is that, it saves you from the clause of plenty explanation as to why you have never called or don’t have the persons number

2.“My Govt will fight corruption and no stone will be left unturned. There will be no sacred cows.”:

As pleasant as the statement sounds, its a lie!. Ghanaian politicians when in opposition uses this phrase more than any other person in Ghana. But as soon as they in power, they forget they ever made such a statement. Although the government in power also use the statement, its very popular among the opposition party.

3.“you look familiar”:

This is when a guy is in pursuit of a lady and doesn’t know where to start from,Normal first lines..lol. But it works oo, as any guy.


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