7 signs a guy is flirting with you

signs a guy is flirting with you

Many ladies have this problem – they cannot tell if a guy is flirting with them or just trying to be nice. Surely you do not want to get embarrassed by taking his polite behavior for a romantic interest in you. These 7 signs will help you to know for sure.


Sign #1: He treats you differently

There are many nice guys out there. They may listen to a woman for a while and talk to her. That is not a sign he is flirting. However, if he focuses his attention on you and treats you differently from other girls, this does mean he is flirting.

7 sure signs a guy is flirting with you
He treats you differently


Pay attention to how much he converses with you compared to other ladies. Does he talk to you more, when he could be talking to someone else? It’s a good sign.

Sign #2: Gentle touches

If a guy is drawn to you, he is also attracted to you physically. This means he wants you. So, he would show it in touching you. Such touches would be subtle, nothing too erotic or too sexual. He may rub your arm with his, touch your cheek, pat your back (not too low, though). Such “accidental” touches indicate the man is into you.

Sign #3: He smiles at you

Its not so much about the lip smile but the eye smile.If he smiles and it goes all the way to his eyes, then you should know.

Sign #4: He wants to know your status

He is trying to find out if you are single, married or dating someone. This means he needs to know if he has a chance of dating you.

Sign #5: Leaning in

His body language is the key. What does he do when he talks to you? Does he lean it to be closer? This indicates the guy likes you.

signs a guy is flirting with you

Sign #6: His eyes

Eye contact is crucial, but it is not the only sign. Does he look at your lips time to time? If he does, it may mean he has a desire to kiss you.

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Sign #7:  He mirrors you


This could manifest in his body language, i.e. he just copies your moves; or, in his speech. For one, he remembers what you say, and that’s a real challenge for many men. If he does, he is really into you. And he may repeat your words, sort of mirroring them back to you.

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If you see all or at least some of these signs in a man, they indicate he is flirting with you. You can start flirting back and see how it goes. You are on the safe ground there.


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