7 ways to tell if your partner is still in love with his/her ex


You have an ex and so does your partner. Before you met him/her , he or she may have been in at least a relationship before that did not work out so well.

You are therefore bound to deal with the “ex” factor in your relationship. But the annoying aspect of dealing with the ex drama is “the ones that doesn’t seem to go away”.

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Some ex gets attach to your partner so much that it makes you wonder if you are sharing your partner with him/her.

An ex lurking in the background isn’t good for any relationship and it’s important your partner relegates him/her and put them where they are supposed to be – in his/her past.

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Do you suspect your partner still have feelings for her/him ?

These TIPS below will help you make decision 

1. HE COMPARES YOU TO HER: His ex may have some good quality which he wish you exhibit but to alway compare you to her, it means he still thinks about her  and probably want you to be a clone of her. This isn’t a good sign.

2. SHE IS HIS BEST FRIEND: She is an ex and should remain a such. If your man’s ex is now the best friend, it important you treat this with a note of caution. She could be his best friend because he still cares about her.

3. ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT HER: It’s normal to once in a while chip in something about an ex when you are in a new relationship. If your partner always talks about his’, it’s a sign he still cares about the. Your partner is constantly talking about her ex because he can’t get her off his mind.

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4. HE STILL SPENDS TIME WITH HER FAMILY: Your partner may have had a casual relationship with the ex’s family but that shouldn’t still be the case after they break up. If your partner still spends time regularly with her family, that could mean your partner still want her back. Be careful you don’t waste your time

5. HE ALWAYS ACCOMPANIES HER TO EVENTS: If your partner always accompanies her to events as just friends, it could be a sign that he/she still cares about her.


6. HE CONSTANTLY DOES FAVORS FOR HER: There’s nothing wrong with your man/woman being in good terms with her but if he constantly do little tasks for her, it could signal he still wants her back.

7.HE TAKES YOU TO PLACES WHERE HE TOOK HER: The two of you are to make new memories. The memories he shared with his ex is theirs to keep. If your partner frequently take you to places where he frequented with his ex, it could mean he still misses his ex and wants to re-enact those memories they shared.

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If you observe these things in your partner and be careful and take note before you waste your time with him/her. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE RELATIONSHIP TIPS.

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