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8 Signs he only wants sex but not a serious relationship with you

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Be on the lookout for these subtle signals whenever a new man comes into your life as a woman.

These early signs may indicate how the man perceives you and his overall intentions for the relationship.

Most men will not disclose to you that they just want to get intimate with you. They usually come across as serious people who want to start something serious without fail.

Well, you may be fooled into thinking that you have landed Mr. Right. Unbeknownst to you, this man is just using you to while away time or cure his boredom.

Consider the following to determine if the man is in for just sex:

1, Your conversation is always about sex.

A guy whose conversation always centers around sex is not someone you should consider for a serious relationship.

A man who wants you for good will be concerned about knowing more about you and how he can play a role in making you better.

If he has not gone beyond the usual sexual convos, kindly dawg him. He only wants you to satisfy his selfish desires. Back out.

2, He offers to pay to sleep with you when you say “No”

He uses money as a tool to get into your pants. Well, that guy is certainly not in it for the relationship.

He just wants to enjoy the honeypot as long as it is convenient for him.

If he is constantly flaunting his money anytime you deny him sex, you need to advise yourself. Unless you’re also in it for his money, there’s no need to continue with him.

3, He does not care if you’re in a relationship or married.

A guy who is still pushing to have you although you made your relationship or marital status known to him is just desperate for the thing.

This guy will not leave you after he has had enough sexual bouts with you, but he will possibly ruin your relationship or home.

Avoid these desperate men who do not respect your current relationship. They are in just for the sex and nothing more.

4, He does not respect how you feel

Even after you advised him to jump over the nearest cliff, he continued pressing you. To him, hearing you say “no” is equivalent to hearing “maybe” or “sometime soon.”

No does not imply “Persuade me.”

He just doesn’t get it, so ask your brother or some other imposing, big bro-dude friend to kick him in the a**. He’ll heed the hint if he’s intelligent.

5, He tries to get you drunk or drug you

Why would a guy who is genuinely interested in you be willing to drug you or get you drunk?

Have you thought about that?

Well, he is just trying to get you loose and vulnerable so he can slide it in. Any guy who has tried to get you drunk or drug you without your consent is not someone you should consider for a serious relationship. He just wants to use you.

6, He doesn’t want to be seen with you in public

He refuses to introduce you to his friends, coworkers, or dog, and he is adamant that it remain that.

In reality, the only time he wants to see you is at night, when the shades are drawn and you are in his bedroom, in the shadows of the black light.

And please, no photos, social media tags, or additions. He only wants to have a two-hour midnight fantasy association with you.

So, kindly avoid being noticed and go out at night. Avoid him!

7, He has a wife or girlfriend

Do you have hope that he will leave his wife or girlfriend and eventually come for you? Do you think you’re that special to him?

It should go without saying, yet many women convince themselves that taking careless seconds will somehow build the first stone of true love.

They believe they are strong and persuasive enough to convince a man to escape his predicament. They are completely mistaken.

You owe it to yourself to avoid being a side chick. You have more self-respect than that.

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