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5 Transportation businesses you can start now

Looking for some business to do ?  5 transportation businesses you can start now

As a business consultant, I got a call from a close friend asking about a transportation business.That’s his passion,that’s the business he really want to do. I knew this when we were kids. However ,he wanted a reaffirmation as which transportation sector business is better.I gave him some tips and ot has now given the idea to share with the world.You might have some mney that you want to use it to start a transportation busimness,but confused as to which one to do or start  Take a read and kickstart it. If you have any questions , you can hit the contact box and ask your questions and you will be gladly answered. Now lets go.

1.Bicycle rental services

This is a lucrative area most people overlook.That’s what people call in the local palance “aboboyaa”. You can buy one,two ,three or more ,hire riders and rent it out to people . For carrying goods at the market or whichever purposes you want to use the bicycle to serve.This is really a lucrative business in the Northern part of Ghana and even in the southern part as well . It has taken over the use of trucks in carrying goods as this is quite faster and serves as a better alternative to the manually pushing trucks.

2.Taxi services

This is perhaps the oldest and the most common transportation business you can find across the world.Individuals or some organizations are all involved in this business. You can start of by getting one or more depending on the money you are holding. But be very mindful of who(the driver) you give the car to as most of them(the bad ones) are the reason or decides whether it will collapse or flourish.Two things involve ; either you give it to the driver on the basis of “drive and pay” .In this instance ,the driver will be driving and be paying it bit by bit the sum total of the amount you purchased the car plus your profit.

3.Livestock transportation

Livestock transportation is having trucks for the sole transportation of livestocks such as cows,sheeps, goats and even horses. To do this you need the truck of course, and then the owner of the livestocks or someone who is knowledgeable in livestocking to be part of the transporting. Get a livestock license as well, tho in some cases you don’t necessarily needs a livestock license. Find out from the necessary authorities in your jurisdiction whether you need a license or not.

4.Moving Van transportation services

In this transportation business, you will need a Startup costs including purchasing one or more trucks in a range of sizes that will accommodate the type of moving you plan to do. And, of course, you’ll need a place to park them.

You’ll need at least one employee -you can’t lift that sofa alone! And you’ll need to train that employee for packing, moving procedures, customer interactions, how to behave appropriately in a client’s home, etc., so your professional reputation will not be damaged.

5.Owner or Operator trucking services

Basically,there are two  forms of operating, the key difference is that  you need to get drivers to fulfill those contracts (or accounts if you contract to do all of the trucking for a business)

First of all, we have Sub-contract drivers.  In this case, they are independent contractors who perhaps own their own equipment. You will need to  spend your time on two key coordination pieces — getting the contracts and accounts with the manufacturers who need goods transported and then finding drivers who can fulfill those contracts on time. The advantage in this case is that, it is at a lowest costs as the drivers are  independent contractors not only usually have their own vehicles . Insurance is a huge cost factor in the transportation business, so clearly this is a savings. Also, you will also be paying them a higher fee than if you were paying your own drivers, which cuts into profits. The real trade here might be in fewer headaches — as you need to feel confident of the drivers you hire.

Secondly, there are people who privately owned their cars. In this case, you own the trucks and the drivers work for you. You have total control and retain all profit . Thats interesting ,yeah!!! and of course you pay all of the expenses of employees and equipment, which means you need higher startup and  higher operating costs. Tho your drivers will be at your service for the accounts and contracts you retain, the pressure is on to have no down time because you’re paying for those drivers and those vehicles whether you are  using them or not.

Using contracted drivers seems to be the best  way to go. Or maybe a combination of both — a manageable number of drivers and also the size of the trucks you own comes in.


Feel free to share or hit us in the comment box if you have any questions.

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