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9 Popular Ghanaians Who Have Been Rumored As Members Of The Illuminati (Photos)

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M.anifest despite criticisms is one the greatest rappers of m our time. You just have to vibe with him to enjoy his songs. And he has also been linked to the occult group too. And this was frankly not his doing. Some people choose to interpret his words to suit their own understanding.

A couple of years back, M.anifest the son of Tsatsu Tsikata the famous Lawyer and one of the authors of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, took to his Twitter handle to explained the meaning of M.anifest. He said it wrote “M.anifets – music. always needing illumination for every soul today” Some people took it he is an Illuminati because of the Illumination in the post. Not his fault right.


Ducan Williams was tagged with Illuminati by Ghanaians because of the massive transformation from an armed robber to one of the greatest pastors of our time. Despite this, he has a whole lot of controversies surrounding him.

He is the pastor who has most dignitaries and celebrities in Ghana as his congregants. And he is very rich by all standard


Trigmatic, the rapper began to be tugged an Illuminati member with his “Bellum  Angelorum” song. It even escalated when he released visuals to the song. Everything in the song and video depicted Illuminati.

Everything about this song screamed  “Publicity stunt” “Publicity stunt” yet some people chose to believe him as a member.