Rufftown records signee, Wendy Addo popularly known as Wendy Shay has revealed the ‘assets’ she has acquired ever since she joined Rufftown records and started making music.

According to her she has successfully acquired ‘assests’ such as an iPhone, iPad and a camera. These are the things she can boast of ever since she began making music

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Listing her assests she said;

“I’ve got so many stuffs… too many. wow I mean I can actually buy the lastest iphone in town. I do have a lot of stuffs, camera and ipad. I mean stuffs that every girl at my age is gonna need. I do have money to buy all of these things”.

Several people who watched the interview have shocked at Wendy’s shallowness as they were expecting her to mention landed properties, investments etc. She however mentioned iPhones, iPad as her assets.

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