Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has revealed that she could consider taking up semi-nude roles in Hollywood but not in Ghana or any other African country.

The celebrated actress stated, “If I’m called up for a movie in Hollywood and I’m supposed to expose parts of my body and it is going to be done tastefully or even with body doubles because we always have stunt models and body doubles in Hollywood, I would”.

She said the movie industry in Ghana has not got the sophistication of Hollywood, “so, usually, I will turn down movies like that”.

Juliet, who won the Best Actress in a Lead Role award at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards pointed out that she has been approached by several movie producers with nude scenes in the script but she turned it down.

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She said her upbringing coupled with being “an African to the core” means that certain things will be unacceptable, so, there is a limit to what she can do in movies.

The screen goddess said she has played lovemaking scenes in some movies where “I had probably had to reveal some parts of my boobs but it was sides and stuff but it was done tastefully, I was wearing a bra but you will not know”.

For her, in Hollywood, she will be able to do certain things “but not pornographic movies”.

She further entreated upcoming actresses not to trade sex for roles.

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“Go for auditions, if you see someone is trying to lure you in another way, leave because at the end of the day it is your talent that will put you wherever you want to be. People will always take advantage of you, it’s happening in every sector,” she added.

She explained that it will be a dream come true to collaborate in movies with award-winning American actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry.

“In Hollywood, I will like to work with Tyler Perry. He is my role model,” she noted.

The mother-of-one has also released a book that chronicles her life experiences titled: “A toast to life”.

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