Baby Blanche, the actress who recently launched a campaign to advise women to stop wearing panties has hit hard at Afia Schwarzenegger following Afia’s attacks on Nana Appiah Mensah over her mother supposed investments at Menzgold.

Baby Blanche in a post on social media warned Afia Schwarzennger to desist from attacking NAM1 because she would have been proud to have someone as NAM1 in her family.

The no panty wearing actress question Afia Schwarzennger who is a fool between her mother and Nana Appiah Mensah since she was a fool enough to fall for a ‘scam’.

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Sharing her opinion on the ongoing brouhaha, Baby Blanche posted:

Read the full post she made below

“I seriously did not want to reply Afia Schwarzenegger but I later said naaa because people will say that I want attention and all that and this time I’m trying so hard to stay away from controversies but I think she needed somebody to put some sense into her head because even if the man in question is a supposed fraudulent man, that is why we have laws in Ghana to handle it.

What the nerves do you have to insult somebody’s father, brother. Regardless of what people think of who he is, at least he has fed and helped people so why don’t you let the laws handle it and you just open your mouth just because you feel that is your brand. Yes, that can be your brand but you really need to think twice about certain things. We don’t solve problems with insults and rudeness.

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Even if he was a thief and he was in your family with that sense to defraud people, you would have been proud. Even though he is not in your family, he has bee able to convince your family member to invest in his company. So by insulting which among the two is a fool, is it your family member he was able to convince or NAM1?

For days now, Afia Schwarzenegger has been attacking the CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah since SEC ordered the gold investment company to shut down.

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According to Afia, her mother has invested an amount of GHS4.3 million with Menzgold they want it back. She has label NAM1 from a scammer, fraud, womanizer to a foolish man. Interestingly, she has been quiet for some days and does not attack NAM1 anymore.

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