Actress Emelia Brobbey’s baby daddy exposed again!

Actress Emelia Brobbey may be broken hearted but she must be happy right now that she is no longer with her baby daddy who has entangled himself among three different ladies. Emelia’s marriage or better still relationship with Dr. Boateng who is the father of her child, has been in the news for some time now but the real story had not been told.

It has always been speculations and unsubstantiated allegations and both Emelia and Dr. Boateng have been tight-lipped even though they are no more together.

Investigations has uncovered some shocking information about the Kumawood actress and what really happened between her and her infamous rich doctor, Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng, founder of End Point Homeopathy Clinic.

According to a reliable source, Dr. has been legally married to Maame Aba, who happens to be his first wife, for over seven years now even before he met Emelia Brobbey.

Maame Aba his original wife, had allegedly picked him from his father’s clinic at Kasoa (Last Hope herbal clinic ) and financed him to establish his own clinic End Point Homeopathy Clinic with money and properties she inherited from her late parents’ wealth but unfortunately they have no child so when the money started coming from the clinic she helped him to establish, that was when actress Emelia Brobbey came into the picture.

Emelia Brobbey who was then married brought her sick mother to Dr. Boateng’s clinic where they met and he started dating her till she(Emelia) became pregnant and she went ahead to divorce her husband to be with Dr. Boateng and they had one son (Randy Boateng) together.

According to sources, Dr. Boateng had another child with Emelia almost 2 years ago but they lost the child at birth and it was a baby girl.

So Dr. Boateng bought Emelia Brobbey a Range Rover, he rented an apartment for Emelia and rented a shop for her at Pillar 2 junction(Dome) and rebranded Emelia’s father’s hotel and renamed it The End Hotel in Kumasi and he was also the initial financier of Emelia’s End Time Movie Productions all perhaps in a bid to make her happy after she lost her baby girl but it turns out it was just a nice way of saying goodbye to the beautiful actress.

After Emelia lost the 2nd child, he jilted her to marry a third woman called…

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