Here’s The Actual Reason Why Fuse ODG Threw Killbeatz Out Of His House according to the producer’s manager

Here’s The Actual Reason Why Fuse ODG Threw Killbeatz Out Of His House according to the producer's manager a yesterday published a report we gathered that angry Fuse ODG has thrown Killbeatz out of his house after breaking several house rules and discovering a strange blood pot.

According to the reports, Killbeatz regularly hangs out with a lot of his male friends not just smoking and drinking but banging different girls in the house. Simply put, Killbeatz turned the house belonging to Fuse into a house of ill repute.

Fuse reportedly came to the house unannounced to confirm everything for himself only for him find a strange pot full of blood in one of the rooms.

However, the Management of the multiple award-winning producer Killbeatz has stated to why Fuse ODG is throwing Killbeatz out of his mansion.

According to Killbeatz’s manager, Fuse ODG is behaving this way because of the hatred he has for rising star King Promise.

The website further reported by quoting the manager that, Fuse ODG hates the fact that King Promise wasn’t signed under ODG records, rather, Legacy Life Records which is owned and managed by Killbeatz.

“Fuse ODG has stated on many occasions to put King Promise on his label but for some reasons, we have refused to do that and he (Fuse ODG) hasn’t been happy with our declines.” The manager is quoted to have said.

“But it doesn’t make sense to us because Killbeatz has produced a whole album for you Fuse ODG which we are all planning to release in January. So why will you fly down to Ghana to act strange to your producer over some false claims?” the Manager quizzed.

When asked if Killbeatz is still in the house or not, the manager stated that Killbeatz has angrily packed out from the house because he was in Tema when his girlfriend called to inform him that Fuse ODG is in the house sacking her.

The manager continued that Killbeatz rushed to meet Fuse ODG to explain things to him but he refused to heed because of the hatred he has for King Promise and the fact that they don’t want him to use his image to push the boy.

For Fuse ODG to disrespect Killbeatz in the presence of his girlfriend, he has moved out until tempers cool down.

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