Adjetey Annan praise Kumawood after shooting movie with Akrobeto

Adjetey Annan praise Kumawood after shooting movie with Akrobeto

Actor Adjetey Annan aka Pusher has praised the Kumawood movie industry after he got the opportunity to feature in one alongside one of the poster faces in the Kumawood industry Akrobeto.

There has been some assertion in the media that the actors and actresses in the English industry always belittle their colleagues who act in the local language saying they are shallow minded.

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But Pusher who recently got featured in a Kumawood has shot down such notion stating that Kumawood actors are deep and he got to know that during the shooting of the movie with Akrobeto.

In an interview with Accra based Hitz FM, Annan revealed that “People think those in Kumawood are shallow but sometimes they are way better, their delivery is spontaneous and natural”.

He also added, “We are just good with the vocabulary but they really are the big deal”.

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