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ANYEMI – Ghanaian Music rising star

Ghanaian sensational recording artist and song writer – Preacher’s son Jeremiah Nii Aryee Solomon aka Anyemi  was born on 3rd April ,1987 into the family of Mr. and Mrs Solomon at Kotobabi in the Greater-Accra region of Ghana.

He had his primary and JSS education at the Greenhill International school,he then continued his secondary school education at St.Peter’s Boys School at Nkwatia kwahu.

He furthered his tertiary education at the Central University College but had to defer in level 400 when his dad kicked the bucket –who then was the financier of his education.
Anyemi discovered his talent in music at a very tender age and was even a member of the church choir .
Upon reaching the age of 16 when his sense of belonging had grown stronger ,he joined the then trendy of hip-life /hip-hop rap music under the influence of the legendary 2Pac CD he kept listening to.Apparently, that 2pac CD was owned by his big brother Marcus,quite intriguing.


His upbringing and the time he deferred from Level 400 , when it was obviously getting close to a National service time is a memory he wishes to share as a movie for all and sundry to know about. As a rough diamond, he had to go through the normal struggles in a country where by you have to live by your own rules to survive.

In St.Peter’s Boys Senior High School, he was the first junior student to “murder” the mic with his seniors and he was tagged as one of the very best performers ever in the school.

With his traditional style of singing , his flow and lyrical dexterity intensified.

He sold out 1000 copies Of unbranded CDs of music produced by Jayso and Mangnom together with his group QB.Which confirmed he could survive with his art.

After various attempts to get signed unto a record label , he met Panji Anoff,the C.E.O of pidgin music. He inspired him a lot musically as he learned how to play the flute and other musical instruments.

“Life has been a teacher and inspiration comes from genuine moments of
bliss or pain” he said.The birth of brand Anyemi nearly cesarean has taken

Having also worked with sound Engineers such as Evergreen, SlowMo and Dr.Spooky
and with the display of vocal splendor and lyrical dexterity, let’s
witness its growth into maturity.

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